With the recent change in bank cheque clearing process in India, RBI made it mandatory for customers to use compliant cheque leaves. Some of the banks were proactive and pushed the compliant cheque books to their customers. Others like RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) were probably trying to save cost by not pushing cheque books to customers and waited for customers to initiate the request. Or they were under the belief that all Indian consumers use only EFT (electronic fund clearing) facility for money transfer. For whatever reason I did not get cheque book form RBS and hence ordered one using their net-banking facility on Mar 18, 2013. To RBS’ credit, the cheque book was at my doorstep on Mar 20, 2013- good job RBS!

Within 2 hours of receipt of the cheque book I got a call from RBS back office and the gentleman on the phone wanted to seek my feedback. I was in the awe of good customer service. It seems as if the bank knew when my cheque book will delivered and they were waiting confirmation from courier agency before making the call to seek my feedback. Happy with the ease of ordering the cheque book, receiving it and now with someone wanted to seek my feedback on the process, I was all set to share my experience.

The caller started with instructions and mentioned , please answer the following questions as Yes or No only. Then 4 questions around the ease of ordering the cheque book using net banking came. Like a happy customer I answered all as questions with “Yes” and I was waiting for other questions on fulfillment of the request. But the expected questions did not get asked and I mentioned, is that it? The courteous reply form other side came- yes, the survey is to check your satisfaction with net banking only. My immediate reaction- so who is going to collect my feedback on complete process. I am customer of RBS and not just net banking department of RBS. Ans if you wanted to seek my feedback on net banking- you could have asked me these questions online i.e. during my net banking session.

I was left with sour taste as I wanted to give some feedback on the courier agency RBS hired to ship my cheque book and also when I get call from RBS call center there is an irritating beep before I am connected with the caller. I swallowed my words as I knew that my feedback will be falling on deaf ears. The caller’s job is to check my satisfaction with one of the departments of RBS and I cane share my feedback only as Yes or No with no room for comments.

I hope that businesses come out of CSAT survey trap and take a more holistic approach of Customer Advocacy.